Conscious about the problems of a developing country we encourage our guests to support the local NGO’s. We have handpicked a couple of projects that have shown continuity and have an appropriate small scale and localised approach. We know the members and founders of all these organisations and recommend them for the way they administer their funds and highly admire the way they cooperate with the village.

HIPZ  (Health Improvement Project Zanzibar) – Makunduchi project

British NGO focused on healthcare, aims at improving infrastructures and providing training at the district hospital of Makunduchi.

If you have free space in your baggage, why not support this project?

Sustainable East Africa

Sustainable East Africa’s motto is ‘sharing sustainable solutions’. The organization aims at empowering local NGOs, schools and communities to meet their economic, social and resource needs sustainably, and promotes wise use of natural resources on the Swahili Coast.

The founder of Sustainable East Africa, Nell hamilton, also shares several interesting resources on her private blog.


Their goal is to improve the quality of life for coastal communities. To this end, they aim to develop sustainable and eco-friendly ocean harvesting methods.

Across the globe, oceans are suffering from ruthless over-exploitation. Marine life is rapidly being decimated and much of it is now threatened by extinction.

You can see more about the work they do in this short video.

Jambiani Tourism Training Institute

Its main priority at this time is to provide health and education services to communities in need within the developing world. To date, HABS has had extensive experience co-ordinating projects in Guatemala, Sri Lanka and East Africa (Zanzibar).


It is a locally founded and run NGO that focuses on education and environment. Marine preservation is one of the priorities and Jamabeco cooperates with several projects among which are Marinecultures, Chumbe marine conservation area and the Institute of Marine Studies in Stone Town.

Zanzibar Outreach Program (ZOP)

It is an NGO managed by Zanzibaris. The main objective of ZOP is to help the Zanzibaris, focusing primarily in community development through training, medical and educational support.

The Paje Seaweed Centre

The Seaweed Center is a social responsible business that provides female seaweed farmers in Paje, Zanzibar, with opportunities to improve their personal standard of living and develop economic activities that benefit the entire community. The project comprises a factory and gathering site to produce soaps and creams from seaweed that are sold locally and beginning to be distributed throughout East Africa.

All guest soap at Red Monkey Lodge comes from this project.


(Not Zanzibar based) but aims to create awareness and promote community solutions to the increasing coastal and ocean environmental problems. Submerge is a nonprofit organization. Their hope is to generate revenue through conscious education activities such as the First Underwater Image School and support community based projects through these revenues and the commitment, trust and cooperation of volunteers.