Barefoot and Lazy
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Our partner Kite Worldwide operates an in-house kite centre opened both to complete beginners and to more expert kiters. Let us add that Zanzibar is growing to become a world level kite destination. The sandbank in front of Red Monkey Lodge is an ideal location for beginner courses, whereas expert kiters can go to play on the reefbreaks (enquire at the reception for downwinders in the best kite spots on the island, beginner courses as well as about advance tutoring).

The conditions on Zanzibar can be perfect, the best months are from half of June to the end of September as well as December until February. The wind is allways side onshore. In June -September from the south-east, in December from the north-east. The average wind speed is around 15 knots, in the evenings mostly increasing. The kite sizes which are used most are 12, 10 and 9 meters. The watertemp. is always over 25 degrees so a wet-suite can stay at home, shoes can be taken, but not used a lot.
Check this video on youtube (courtesy of Gregor Balažič)